The Journey Starts Tonight

Like a hurricane Like the summer rain Like lightning in the sky Your unexpected shine 'Cause you are so bright And now I'm blinded by The magic in your smile Now I can't live without it What should I do about it? I need a fix to help me make it Through the night I want you here beside me I know you feel how I feel Come take my hand and let The journey start tonight When you do what you do I wanna know how you got me so high
- a song by Rumah Sakit
It is not the first time,but I always have that tendency to admiring certain people those who have found their passions those who do something with all of their heart, without hesitation  without doubt
Jalur Pendakian Semeru, Tanjakan Cinta, Jumat 12 Mei 2017

only hope

I was glad at first,
knowing that someone had fallen for me
not because my appearances
but because my souls
knowing that someone had waited for me
because I knew it too well,
the feeling of waiting for someone
and I did not want you to wait any longer

I was once in so much happiness then,
because it was all I ever wanted
to love and be loved by my own best friend
and to finally see the future,
together with him

If I were asked, 
am I still happy now?
I'm gladly answer yes,
for I only have hope -
When things get hard,
you would still remember
what I first meant to you

he always give his words,

never a shine of gold
coated over  them

Here's The Truth

Being pretty doesn't keep a man
Being honest doesn't keep a man
Being loyal doesn't keep a man
Treating a man good doesn't keep a man
Being there for a man doesn't keep a man
Caring about a man doesn't keep a man
Making an effort doesn't keep a man
Paying attention to a man doesn't keep a man
Spending time with a man doesn't keep a man
You could have the best intentions, 
you could have the most sincere feelings, 
and you could be a good woman 
and you still wouldn't be able to keep a man 
because the only way to keep a man is if that man wants to be kept by you

You can't force a man to be with you
You can't beg a man to stay with you
You can't love a man into loving you
With a man, you could tell he wants to be kept when the relationship gets hard 
and he does everything to fight for you 
because a man only fights for a girl he wants to belong to 
so if he isn't fighting for you when things get hard, 
then that means he doesn't want to be kept b…


Instead of named it as "our place"
I named it "just that place"
Because I know that place would never be ours
Because I know I am still the one
who would look for your face
in the crowd; in that place
and you would never look for me


you seemed fine yesterday
nothing much change
and I'm still glad
by only see your back
for that is, 
the closest I've ever been

01.45 thoughts

she woke up in the middle of the night, 
got nothing in her mind at first
then when she finally got her sense
she thought of him
instead of going back to sleep


she misses him as if they haven't seen each other for long
she wants him to be around 
she wants to hug him 
she wants to spend every iritating moment with him


but she believes one thing,
no one would ever sure about the future